Phoenix Metro Online

October 12, 2023 - October 16, 2023

Drop off location:

Phoenix Metro, Arizona


Sign up to SELL Online with KCC Arizona!

Summer Online Sales Event

Shopping Portal Opens 7pm October 12-16!

Many items will be 25% off starting Saturday @ 12am

Many items will be 50% off starting Sunday, October 15th @ 9am - until Monday, October 16th at 7pm

Our online event will feature all the items that would be available at our in-person sales - Baby to Teen clothing, Baby Equipment and Furniture, Maternity and Baby Gear, Books, Shoes, and other accessories!  

Clear out your closets and put some extra cash in your pocket! 

Consignors earn 70% of the selling price and pay a $5.00 consignor fee for this online event. *Earn a up to 80% of proceeds by performing helper shifts.

Select a helper shift to increase your proceeds.

You MUST be registered for our ONLINE SALES event (Phoenix Metro Online) or your items will not be visible during the online sales event!

Items must meet Kid’s Closet Connection standards: clean, free from holes, stain free, not overly worn, complete, and not a recalled item.....Only items of the best quality will be accepted no exceptions!

We are offering a 100% Customer Satisfaction

All buyers will have an opportunity to inspect their items at the time of pick up. If the buyer deems the item unacceptable a refund will be issued.  An inspection will be done at drop off and if an item is found unacceptable during that time we will notify the buyer immediately and offer a refund. Sellers will be charged a $5 per item fee for any items sold that are not dropped off.

No gift cards can be redeemed at our online events.


Simply to go your Active Inventory – Select the item – Click EDIT - Answer YES to “Sell Item Online” - Enter Category and Sub-category Information – Upload photo (Up to 5 photos can be uploaded)

***CONSIGNOR TIP: Move ALL active inventory to inactive and reactivate each item to ensure all listed items for sell are in your possession*** Still have questions join our Consignor Group – KCC Arizona Consignor Group


All items sold online must include a photo.  Items without photos will not be permitted in the sale. The first/cover photo must display all items being sold.

Minimum item price: $3

We suggest bundling like items that are less than $3 or creating lots of same size clothing, shoes, etc….(NO MIXED SIZES IN LOTS)

There is no cut-off date or time for entering items.  Items can be added while the sale is live.

Drop Off: North Valley - Location TBD

Drop offs will be scheduled through the website portal including point-person drop offs.

At drop off, all items will be inspected and checked against the consignor’s sold inventory list to verify all items are present.


All items must have a SOLD tag attached (THIS TAG INCLUDES THE BUYERS CODE).

Hangers are not required.

Rejected Items: 

A fee of $2.50 per rejected item will be charged against the consignor’s proceeds.

Please use the Additional Information section when you ADD or EDIT an item in your Control Panel. This is where any small imperfections should be noted.

Non-possession Fee: 

There's a $5 non-possession fee per item. will be charged against the consignor’s proceeds.

Please confirm ALL items in your active inventory that are designated to be sold online are IN your possession. Please check your inventory for duplicates prior to the start of the sale.

Order Pick Up & Delivery: October 19th – 22nd

Pickups will be by appointment only

Delivery fee within Maricopa County, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Apache Junction is $8 for all your transactions.

Shipping available at actual cost (no up charge).

Items can be inspected at the time of pick up or delivery. If you choose to have your items shipped the buyer must agree to accept the order as is.  Return shipments are not available at this time.


How it Works

  1. Sign up as a consignor!
  2. You will be taken to “My Closet”, where you can “Add Items” to your inventory. Note: All new items added will be added to your “Pending Inventory”. Once approved by KCC, your items will be added to your “Active Inventory”. These are the items that will show on our Sales Portal.
  3. Upload ONLY top-quality items in new or nearly new condition! Our shoppers are picky!
  4. You can add up to five photos of your item.  Make sure to take photos in a well-lit area, with no distractions in the background.
  5. The minimum price for items is $3.00, and you can elect if you want your items discounted on our discount days.
  6. You can "edit" your price during the live sale.
  7. You will receive an email every time something sells.
  8. From the “View Sold Items”, click “View Details” where you can print your SOLD ITEM TAGS and place them on your SOLD ITEMS
  9. You will then bring your sold items to drop off at your scheduled time.
  10. You will receive a check with your proceeds about 7 days after the sale!

***Remember, shoppers cannot touch and feel these items so any additional information will be helpful when they consider purchasing your items!  If an item is not up to the shopper's satisfaction, the item will be refunded! 

Note: There will be a $5 charge for any items that are sold that are defective or stained.  In addition, please check your inventory to make sure you still have in your possession the items you are selling. If you sell an item, you no longer have, you will be accessed $5.

Tips from our BIG Sellers!

  • Lay the pieces out flat on a clean, uncluttered background for the photo – lay out a flat bed sheet is great for this!
  • Make sure you take photos in a well-lit area with no shadows!
  • Add additional description-NWT, only worn once, all pieces included, any minor imperfections (better descriptions lead to shopper confidence)
  • If you have a name brand, designer or boutique clothing, please list the brand in the description, as many shoppers search by brand!
  • Touch up wrinkled clothing (nothing looks good with massive wrinkles!)
  • If adding jeans/pants, please indicate whether the pants are "Slim, Husky, Regular". You might even consider taking a picture of the label.
  • If adding shoes, please take a photo of the soles of the shoes so shoppers can see the wear.
  • Consider “bundling” items as long as they are the same size/gender.
  • Price your items right.  What would you pay for the item? Also, price your items for our 1/2 off days.